During #ZiHack 6 , a hackathon organized by Zitec.com,  my team decided to build an intelligent Radio system.

ZRadio is an intelligent system, that plays songs from social networks based on users' preferences. You can have multiple sources (Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Online radio streams etc.). The songs are dynamically fetched from the APIs and a playlist is created based on users' preferences. You can customize each source as you want. For example, you can exclude songs posted by a specific user on Facebook, because you don't like their music taste, you can even play only the songs that have at least 10 likes etc. The system is intelligent enough to not play the same song over and over again.

The system was build from scratch. We tried to use SCRUM / AGILE.  We gather libraries and components using Composer. We implemented a solution using some APIS(Facebook, Youtube, etc) We used LAMP configuration.