We Love FC Barcelona

This was by far one of the most complex website that i have ever build until 2013. The website was made from scratch line by line, and it took me about an mouth to make this website,the website works like a blog! You have a control panel that is connected to a database, from there you can easily create posts and it will automatically generate a new page. Is not quite a website is a Web Application. Form the control panel you have options to delete or modify the posts. Also the website was designed to work very well with Google Ad-sense ads or any other ads company. You have to choose 1 from 5 ads position on website.The ads will dynamically change position.The ads position is designed to get the maximum clicks. The website interface is in English, but the control panel is in Albanian language. I have used a lot of PHP and MYSQL to make this website work,also HTML,CSS and JavaScript.