Started Polytechnic University of Bucharest

I started studding at "The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers".

The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers is one of the main paths to accessing the competitive areas of Computer Science, Information Technology and Automated Systems Science. Based on the academic and scientific quality of the Faculty staff, our programmes were ranked first in the country by the Ministry of Education.

Being a student  of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers enables you to make a difference in the world, to acquire the necessary knowledge to be a good engineer and to master the latest ideas and technologies in the domain you have chosen.

It also allows you to easily obtain a competitive position in high tech companies, major competitors in the world economy. All our graduates are in extremely high demand on today’s job market. Moreover, many of our students get involved in applied research programmes, thus having the opportunity to gain important experience in product conception and innovation.