Facebook friends transfer project

I was very social on Facebook, i was sending many friend requests, and getting also a lot of friend requests. It was no surprise that soon i reached the Facebook friend limit of 5000 friends.

This made me think about my Facebook friends. Do i need all this people on my Facebook? How  may of them i know in person? With how of them i will interact in the future? And i came to the conclusion that i will keep only the people that i know and delete the rest.

But, to go through 5000 friends and delete ~90% of them manualy form facebook interface is a huge waste of time. I decided to create a new clean facebook profile, and to add there the friends that i wanted to keep. At that time i was learning to build automated tests using Selenium, Behat and PHP. So i decided to build an PHP/Selenium script wich will go through my facebook friends list and  move from my old profile only the firends that i wanted to keep.

The problem was: How will know the script which friends to keep ?  I built an web app, that asked me for each friend if i wanted to keep it or no? This way i got through 5000 friends in 10 min. Now the script had a list of friends that i wanted to keep and their Facebook URL profile. After that i run the script to automatically send friend requests to the selected friends for the new profile.