MY NAME IS KRISTO GODARI and I am a seasoned Software Engineer with a strong passion for Software Architecture. My expertise lies in designing and building high-quality software products, with a focus on assisting businesses in achieving their objectives. I have a deep appreciation for the significance of good software design, particularly in today's ever-evolving landscape of applications, websites, and products.

I was born and raised in Albania, and subsequently relocated to Romania to pursue a degree in Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. In 2015, I obtained my Engineering degree in "Computer Science, Automation, and Applied Informatics", and I also hold a Master's Degree in "Information Management and Security" from the same University. Currently, I reside in Zurich, Switzerland, where I serve as a technical lead.

In recent years, I have honed my focus on Software Design and Architecture, providing technical leadership, and instilling technical vision within teams to deliver quality software using cutting-edge best practices that are cloud-native. I have mainly concentrated on the JAVA ecosystem, although my career has also entailed working with multiple programming languages and technologies, including:

Platforms: Web Services, Web, Mobile, Desktop | Programming Languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript, Go, C, Python | Databases: Sql (Mysql/MariaDb, Postgres, Oracle), NoSql (Cassandra, Couchbase, Aerospike) | Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka | Frameworks: Spring/Spring Boot, Express, Symfony, Swing, ZendFramework, Silex | Infrastructure: Cloud (Azure, AWS), Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Jenkins | Architecture: Monolithic, SOA, Microservices, Serverless