MY NAME IS KRISTO GODARI and I’m a Software Engineer. I have a passion for designing and building software. I like to build great products and help businesses succeed with their goals. I appreciate good design and I am seeing it's importance more then ever in todays apps, web sites and products. My dream is to be an Software Architect, to design big important complex software systems.

So let's start with the beginning... I was born in Albania in the year 1992. I grow up and finished my high school in Albania. Then I moved to Romania to study Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. I graduated in 2015 with a Engineering degree on "Computer Science, Automation and applied Informatics". I also hold a Master’s Degree on "Information Management and Security" from the same University.

I started my software engineer career since i was in the first year of university (2011), working as a freelancer in my free time. Then i got employed at several companies in Romania, learned new skills, tools and got used with the corporation life :))

Some of the technologies that i have used are:
HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, Java, Go, C, C#, Python, NodeJs, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Couchbase, RabbitMq, Linux, Git, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, Liquibase, Maven, Gradle, ZendFramework, Symfony, Silex, SWING, Android Development, Spring/Spring Boot, Hibernate, Express, OOP, Web Services (REST, SOAP/XML), MVC, SOA, Microservices, etc...

Below you will find a timeline representing my professional evolution in chronological order. You can choose a predefined filter, search by a keyword or just scroll down to the moment i was born, and scroll up and see all my important professional events.

Some of my projects may seem simple, childish or unprofessional (especially those at the beginning of my career), but that is how i learned. Starting from simple unprofessional projects to big complex professional projects. It's called evolution. 
"Experiences makes us who we are" - Kristo Godari

You can download my CV as PDF: here