My name is Kristo

I like to Design & Build Software

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MY NAME IS KRISTO GODARI and I am a seasoned Software Engineer with a strong passion for Software Architecture. My expertise lies in designing and building high-quality software products, with a focus on assisting businesses in achieving their objectives. I have a deep appreciation for the significance of good software design, particularly in today's ever-evolving landscape of applications, websites, and products.

I was born and raised in Albania, and subsequently relocated to Romania to pursue a degree in Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. In 2015, I obtained my Engineering degree in "Computer Science, Automation, and Applied Informatics", and I also hold a Master's Degree in "Information Management and Security" from the same University. Currently, I reside in Zurich, Switzerland, where I serve as a technical lead.

In recent years, I have honed my focus on Software Design and Architecture, providing technical leadership, and instilling technical vision within teams to deliver quality software using cutting-edge best practices that are cloud-native. I have mainly concentrated on the JAVA ecosystem, although my career has also entailed working with multiple programming languages and technologies, including:

Platforms: Web Services, Web, Mobile, Desktop | Programming Languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript, Go, C, Python | Databases: Sql (Mysql/MariaDb, Postgres, Oracle), NoSql (Cassandra, Couchbase, Aerospike) | Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka | Frameworks: Spring/Spring Boot, Express, Symfony, Swing, ZendFramework, Silex | Infrastructure: Cloud (Azure, AWS), Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, Jenkins | Architecture: Monolithic, SOA, Microservices, Serverless

See my timeline from the perspective of:
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Sprachzeugnis Deutch

Finished A1 module of German language.

certifications deutch language
Read more 14 Oct 2019

Food delivery website build on Wordpress.

php projects web-development wordpress
Read more 20 May 2019

Software Engineer at 1&1 Mail & Media Applications - GMX, WEB.DE

Calea Floreasca, Nr. 246C, etj 16 – cladirea Skytower, București 077190 -

distributed-systems java mysql work-experience
Read more 16 Apr 2019

Software Architecture for Developers

Finished reading the book: "Software Architecture for Developers" - Simon Brown

books-read software-architecture
Read more 02 Mar 2019

Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer

certifications java oracle
Read more 10 Oct 2018

Building Microservices

Finished reading the book "Building Microservices" - Book by Sam Newman

books-read microservices
Read more 20 May 2018

Software Engineer at Societe Generale European Business Services

Strada Preciziei 23, West Gate Park, H4 building, 5th floor, Bucharest 013981 -

amazon-s3 cassandra couchbase docker java microservices postgresql rabbitmq romania scality spring-boot work-experience
Read more 10 Jul 2017

Master degree Graduation

Master degree in Information Security and Data Management - Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science

data-management education master-degree security
Read more 03 Jul 2017


Intelligent drone delivery system

docker git java liquibase mysql projects
Read more 10 Jun 2017

Weather app

Weather application for Albania.

css html javascript open-weather-api php projects silex symfony
Read more 15 May 2017

Software Architecture in Practice

Finished reading the book: "Software Architecture in Practice" - Book by Len Bass, Paul Clements, and Rick Kazman

Read more 01 Mar 2017


ZRadio is an intelligent system, that plays songs from social networks based on users' preferences.

existing-radio-api facebook-api javascript jwplayer linux mysql php projects soundcloud-api symfony windows youtube
Read more 28 Oct 2016

Zend Certified Engineer

certifications php zend
Read more 12 Sep 2016

Godari Guard

Online password manager

api bash c c# cryptography php projects security
Read more 23 Apr 2016

Facebook friends transfer project

Automated script to transfer facebook friends form one account to another.

automated-tests behat facebook-api php projects
Read more 2 Mar 2016

Software Engineer at PayU

16 months. Payu Romania Dr. Nicolae Staicovici nr. 2, Opera Center II, Et. 6, 050558 Bucharest (Romania)

mysql payments php rabbitmq rest-api romania work-experience
Read more 01 Jan 2016

Node.js web crawler + Apache Lucene + Data mining

A web crowler implemented in nodejs.

apache-lucene data-mining mysql nodejs projects web-crawler
Read more 01 Nov 2015

Software Engineer at Zitec

7 months. Zitec Phoenix Tower, B & C, 5th-6th floor 3rd district, Bucharest, 031296 Bucharest (Romania)

php romania symfony work-experience zend
Read more 15 Jul 2015

Politehnica University of Bucharest. Graduation

Engineer on Computer Science, Automation and Applied Informatics

education engineer romania
Read more 11 Jul 2015

Easy Order

An automated system for placing orders in a restaurant.

android distributed-systems javascript mobile mysql php projects swing web
Read more 10 Jun 2015

Mobile Landing Page

Made responsive an mobile landing page.

css html javascript projects responsive
Read more 30 Nov 2014


Web application for finding and booking hotels.

ajax css html javascript php projects
Read more 26 Oct 2014

Youth Center Borderless

Youth Center Borderless is a website build using Drupal for an Albanian non profit organization.

css drupal html php projects
Read more 19 Aug 2014

PHP Developer at Insoft

10 months. INSOFT Development & Consulting Șoseaua Virtuții nr. 19D, Sector 6, 060783 Bucharest (Romania)

css drupal html javascript mysql php romania SVN work-experience
Read more 01 Jul 2014

Godari Portfolio

GodariStudio is an online portfolio for a software developer.

css html javascript projects
Read more 18 Jun 2014

ITFest Hackathon

12 hours hackathon

event-participation hackathon
Read more 06 Jun 2014


NjoftimiJot is an online classified ads directory that runs on WordPress.

css html javascript php projects wordpress
Read more 21 May 2014

Intercultural communication in European context

Course about communication organized by Geyc -

communication event-participation
Read more 09 May 2014

BEST Engineering Marathon 2014 (Competition)

event-participation hackathon java romania
Read more 09 May 2014

E-mail Client

E-mail Client is an front-end solution written in PHP for reading and sending emails.

css html imap javascript php projects smtp
Read more 15 Apr 2014

JAVA smart solutions for our community 2014 (Competition)

event-participation hackathon java romania
Read more 19 Mar 2014

We Love FC Barcelona

Blog CMS made form scratch with focus on Advertising.

css google-adsense javascript mysql php projects
Read more 09 Feb 2014

Cozia National Park

Webstie created for Cozia National Park located on Râmnicu Vâlcea Romania.

css html javascript projects
Read more 26 Nov 2013

Pro Manager

Pro Manager is a web application for project management written in ASP.NET mvc projects
Read more 30 Oct 2013

Moscopole Hotel Ksamil

Moscopole Hotel Ksamil is a website for a hotel in the Albanian South Coast

css html js php projects
Read more 11 Sep 2013

Albania Business

Online Classified Ads Directory. This project purpose was to learn how to develop web applications.

html javascript mysql php projects
Read more 25 Aug 2013

Reminder App

Reminder app to take a break every x minutes.

c# projects timer windows
Read more 25 Jun 2013

Audio Filter

School project for filtering audio frequencies.

audio-filtering matlab projects
Read more 19 Nov 2012

Company Export Manager

School project for learning to work with database and database integration in C# applications.

c# mssql projects windows
Read more 25 Jan 2012

Web developer at

~ 2 years. Not a full time job - In my free time developing web aplications on demand - learning how to develop web aplications

css html javascript mysql php web-development work-experience
Read more 09 Jan 2012

Complex Numbers

Project for learning to work with data structure like: arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues etc..

c# data-structure projects
Read more 25 Nov 2011

Started Polytechnic University of Bucharest

Started studding "Computer Science, Automation and applied Informatics" at Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania

education romania
Read more 01 Oct 2011

University of Pitesti Graduation

Finished one year of studding "Romanian Language and Literature" at University of Pitesti, Romania.

education romania
Read more 10 Jun 2011

Moved to Romania

Moved to Romania for studding purpose.

Read more 14 Oct 2010

Scholarship in Romania

Got a scholarship to study in Romania.

Read more 20 Jul 2010

Under Desert Game

Under Desert is a 3D game.The game was made using Game Maker Software, and the GML(Game Maker Language).

game-maker games projects
Read more 27 Jun 2010

High School Graduation

Finished "Leonik Tomeo" High School in Durres, Albania

albania education
Read more 15 Jun 2010

Albania Air Force Game

Albania Air Force is an 2D game, made with the software Game Maker and the GML (Game Maker Language).

game game-maker projects
Read more 07 Jun 2010

GunMan Game

Gun Man is an 2D game, made with the software Game Maker and the GML (Game Maker Language).

game game-maker projects
Read more 09 May 2010

Moved to Durres

Moved to Durres, Albania

Read more 10 Sep 1999


I was born in Pogradec, Albania

Read more 24 Oct 1992